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Information / Art F.A.Q.

i draw using ms paint, grafx2, aseprite, ibis paint x, and clip studio paint x. my work is intended as a healing pastime, away from the stress and trauma it used to cause me, by addressing those traumas up-front and center.

do you draw ocs?
not my own. (i have ocs, but i don't draw them). i did design these characters, though. see more on the designs page.

why so much ms paint? how much is done in ms paint?
because i like it. i like addresssing the trauma from childhood using explicit things that force memories to generate.
in my old pieces, they are done completely in ms paint. when windows 11 updated for the whateverth time, it made ms paint fucky, so i don't use it anymore.

why don't you draw girls? but your boys look like girls.
everyone else in the galaxy only draws them, go look at their art instead. i like to draw boys.
what does "looks like a girl" mean? this is just harmful gender stereotyping. to me, everything, everything is genderless, including pronouns and titles. it just depends on which ones you prefer to feel like.

where did you come up with your art style? can i use it for a study?
my style was (directly and heavily) inspired by otamatone instruments and these cardcaptor sakura dolls i had as a kid.
you can draw anything in anyway with my style as long as you don't resort to impersonation. i like seeing how my art looks through other artists' eyes.

do you draw hentai?
of course- i never post them anywhere, though. male bodies are to be protected and preserved.